President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the new PUTA Executive Team, I express deep gratitude to all of you, for reposing your faith in us and providing us with an opportunity to serve the cause of teachers. We have a very vibrant, enthusiastic and committed PUTA Executive and we assure you that we shall work to the best of our abilities, with the objective of creating an egalitarian and transparent system on this campus, with zero tolerance for arbitrary decisions. It goes without saying that we shall be able to discharge our duties only with your support, inputs and guidance. Please feel free to contact any member of PUTA Executive, in case you need help. Given the difficult circumstances, PUTA has as its top priority, the grant of Central Status for the Panjab University, for which we all need to work very hard, consistently, irrespective of group or ideological affiliations. We all have to work together to evolve a work environment on this campus, brimming with positive competition, academic excellence and effective teaching practices, by turning down any out of turn and undue benefits, so that we become a role model for others. We are proud of our teachers, with whose support we shall definitely be able to pull this great institution out of the crisis. Let us all join together and help the Panjab University regain its lost glory once again. PUTA wishes its members all success in their endeavors.

Rajesh Gill,
President PUTA