grant of Ph.D. increments and the pending cases of CAS


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Dear Colleagues,


PUTA Executive immediately after taking over on 21st August 2018, started

working upon the most pressing issues confronting the teaching community,

particularly the grant of Ph.D. increments and the pending cases of CAS

promotions. Acceding to the request of PUTA President, a meeting was

convened by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor on last Sunday, 16 Sept. 2018 and

inputs were taken from the FDO and RAO in the presence of PUTA President.

PUTA puts on record its deep appreciation for the Vice Chancellor, who

there and then, sought an appointment with the Secretary, UGC and deputed

the FDO along with two representatives of PUTA to visit the UGC and MHRD

on Tuesday, 18 Sept. 2018, for addressing these and other issues pending

with these authorities. The FDO accompanied by PUTA representatives met

the Secretary and thereafter had a detailed discussion with the Additional

Secretary, UGC on Tuesday, 18th September. FDO also submitted a letter

drafted by PUTA President in consultation with Dr. Nitin Arora, addressed

to Secretary, UGC, giving all details of the cases of Ph.D. increments and

CAS promotions yet to be cleared. They were assured by the Addl.

Secretary,UGC, that the submissions made by them would be examined and

response would be supplied soon. We are in touch with the concerned

officers at UGC. It is therefore expected that the issues, which have been

hanging fire for quite some time, now would at least move towards clarity

so that necessary steps can be taken to resolve these, giving a relief to

the concerned teachers. A copy of the letter submitted by FDO to

Secretary, UGC is being attached.


We are extremely grateful to Hon’ble Vice Chancellor for his positive and

prompt response to the whole issue and all the support extended by him. We

hope that with this, the clouds of uncertainty would disperse and we shall

be able to resolve both these issues soon, for the benefit of our

colleagues who have immensely suffered. The response received from UGC

shall be shared with you as and when received. We are grateful for your

constant support.


Rajesh Gill                 J K Goswamy

President                   Secretary



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