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PUTA Executive staged a Protest today in front of Vice Chancellor’s office, as a part of the ongoing agitation against the misbehaviour of the Registrar, Col. G.S. Chadha (Retd.) and for safeguarding the dignity of the teachers. PUTA Executive in its meeting dated 16.01.2018 had passed a Resolution announcing an agitation against the Registrar, in case he fails to tender an apology to PUTA for his rude and misbehaviour. University Administration is completely inaccessible and disrespectful towards teachers and Chairpersons. Given the pathetic attitude of University authorities towards PU teachers, it is reiterated that highhandedness of Authorities, Registrar in particular, showing disrespect towards the Chairpersons and teachers, shall not be tolerated by PUTA. Dignity of teachers shall be maintained at all costs. During today’s protest, members of PUTA Executive raised slogans against the  dictatorial and highly bureaucratic attitude of the Registrar and PU Authorities, which has adversely affected the academic ambiance in the University, besides having crushed any democratic interface between the authorities and the teachers. PUTA shall continue its agitation for restoring a transparent and democratic system that respects the teachers and is receptive to their academic needs, without any favouritism and pick and choose. PUTA shall continue its struggle for putting in place a system that shuns all kinds of vengeance against teachers with a dissenting voice and respects divergence of opinion.


Rajesh Gill                 J K Goswamy

President                   Secretary


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