Minutes of the PUTA Executive Meeting held on 16.01.2018 at 3.30 p.m

Aruna Ranjit Chandra Hall, 2nd Floor, Panjab University, Chandigarh


PUTA Executive held a meeting today (16.01.2018) at 3.30 p.m. and resolved the following:

PUTA observed silence for two minutes to pay homage to Prof. R.S. Loyal, Department of Geology, who passed away on 9.01.2018. A Condolence Message was also read out, which was handed over to Mrs. Loyal today at the Bhog ceremony, by President, PUTA.

Following Resolutions were made:

PUTA has been actively pursuing the longstanding issue of Ph.D. Increments to more than 100 University teachers. PUTA was successful in making the University authorities withdraw their reply submitted in the Court and re-submitting the amended reply. Thereafter, on PUTA’s initiative, the issue was placed on the agenda of BOF dated 28.11.2017, with a positive response. Although it was decided that a joint committee comprising members from University as well as UT Administration would resolve the issue, nothing has happened till date. PUTA took a serious note of the fact that University authorities have failed to expedite the process, to the detriment of a large number of teachers.

The matter of grant of past service was also discussed. It was resolved that PUTA must take up the matter with authorities, who have been sitting over it and no meeting on the issue has been convened so far, after the Senate dated 24.09.2017.

PUTA Executive expressed its deep anguish over the apathetic attitude of the University authorities towards allocation of T1 Flats, again to the detriment of University teachers, on flimsy grounds. The Minutes of the Meeting of House Allotment Committee held on 2.11.2017 have been pending and it is only yesterday, i.e. 15.01.2018 that these have been marked for next Syndicate Meeting. It was resolved that the resolved part concerning T1 Flats of HAC meeting dated 2.11.2017, be passed in anticipation of Syndicate/Senate, in view of its direct implications for the welfare of teachers.

Authorities’ indifferent attitude towards the long pending issue of Promotion Policy for HSJIDS invited strong criticism from the members. PUTA President during her visit to UGC on 8.01.2018 procured the communication on the issue from UGC to PU authorities and conveyed the same to Dental Faculty, but unfortunately, there has been no communication from the authorities on this letter.

The serious lacunae in the plying of E-Rickshaws on PU Campus were discussed. Members expressed their shock over the unnecessary delay in finalizing the Minutes of a meeting on E-Rickshaws held on 19.09.2017 for more than three months. This is serious in view of the deadlines given to the Contractor to make pending bills and complying with other conditions, since these have serious implications for the safety of girls on the campus. The manipulation of Minutes to the detriment of University and advantage of Contractor, was condemned. PUTA’s role in getting the true Minutes passed finally, was lauded.

PUTA’s consistent stand against leasing out the scarce land to AICTE, bypassing the Governing Bodies, and not allowing the authorities to part with the land illegally, was also appreciated.
The hurried proposal of PU signing an MOU with SBI for Combo Cards, contracting to share personal and financial information of stakeholders, including teachers, without even consulting them, was also questioned. PUTA Secretary had successfully got the issue deferred in the last Senate meeting.

It was also resolved that the authorities must maintain the sanctity of the various Committees and Minutes. The recent attempts of authorities, especially the Registrar, to manipulate, change and delay the minutes of committees, of which he is not even a member, without the consent of members of even the Chairperson, was strongly condemned. It was further resolved that all Minutes of the Committees, in which PUTA President/Nominee is a member, must be endorsed by him/her.

It was resolved that a Roster must be made by the authorities for constituting the Selection, Inspection, and other such Committees, without any PICK and CHOOSE.

Members took strong note of the fact that authorities, deviating from the tradition, wherein only PUTA President or Nominee is appointed on the relevant committees, have of late, been selecting nominating Secretary or President on various committees. The Committee for leasing of land for AICTE first included the President’s name, which was subsequently cancelled and Secretary was added in her place. PUTA resolved that authorities, in accordance with past practice, only nominate PUTA President/Nominee only.

President and Secretary were authorized to fix the date, venue and time of the Annual General Body Meeting of PUTA. Further it was resolved, that in case all these issues are not resolved immediately, the matter will be taken to AGM for starting an agitation against the deliberate delay and disruptions by the authorities in resolving the issues, with an utter disregard to the welfare of the teaching community.

It was further resolved that Registrar, Col. G.S.Chadha (Retd.), who has been alleged by a number of teaching and non-teaching members of the University, of being rude, misbehaved with PUTA President on 2.01.2018. Members observed that such misbehaviour by the Administrative Head, and that too, concerning a Research Centre, which brought a grant of crores in Social Sciences, would prove to be a disincentive to University teachers, thus severely discouraging the teachers from taking up research projects. Even though Prof. Gill immediately met the Vice Chancellor and brought the issue to his notice, instead of handling the matter sensibly, he complicated the whole matter and twisted the whole issue and marked it to the Standing Committee. In this regard, the following was resolved:

PUTA Executive strongly condemns the misbehaviour of Registrar against the PUTA President, who is a senior Professor and a Fellow, and resolves that a Resolution be submitted to Vice Chancellor, asking the Registrar to tender an apology to PUTA within 24 hours of handing over the said Resolution, lest PUTA shall start an agitation.
It was further resolved that the Standing Committee has no jurisdiction to take up this issue and therefore President PUTA shall not appear before the Standing Committee. Further the Standing Committee should also refrain from taking up this issue.

Rajesh Gill        J.K. Goswamy
President        Secretary


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