PUTA condemns the letter of the Vice Chancellor addressed to Hon ‘ble Chancellor

Aruna Ranjit Chandra Hall, 2nd Floor, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Press Note 

The PUTA Executive in an Emergent meeting held today, i.e. 16.9.2017, taking a serious note of a letter dated 7.9.2017 of Vice Chancellor to Hon ‘ble Chancellor has resolved as follows:

“PUTA Executive strongly condemns the letter dated 7.9.2017 of the Vice Chancellor addressed to Hon ‘ble Chancellor, with a deliberate malicious design to harm the democratically elected PUTA. The PUTA takes strong objection to the action of the Vice Chancellor, firstly, in not forwarding the unanimous resolution of PUTA Executive dated 24.8.2017, recommending the name of Secretary, PUTA, for nomination to the Senate, to Hon ‘ble Chancellor. Secondly, PUTA strongly condemns the letter dated 7.9.2017 written by Vice Chancellor to Hon ‘ble Chancellor, wherein he has used a ‘divide and rule’ policy to serve his vested interest, and has misrepresented the facts to the highest office, with a clear motive to mislead Hon ‘ble Chancellor. By doing so, he has not only blemished the sanctity of Panjab University Teachers’ Association, but he has also tried to usurp the authority of Hon ‘ble Chancellor. PUTA will at no cost tolerate such an onslaught on its identity and legitimate right to represent teachers on the Senate. This resolution may also be conveyed to Hon ‘ble Chancellor.

It has been further resolved to request Hon ‘ble Chancellor to nominate Prof. J.K.Goswamy, the newly elected Secretary of PUTA, as member of the Senate at the earliest.”

President, PUTA


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